Playing online blackjack may be a little overwhelming especially to newbie players and other seasoned punters who have never played it before. This user guide covers some of the little known facts about online blackjack. Consider visiting online-casino-new-zealand to learn more about playing online casinos in New Zealand.

Game variations for Online Blackjack

Whether you are a highly experienced casino player or new to the online casino, you will find plenty of online blackjack options that perfectly suit your interest and capability. These games have distinct differences in terms of the number of decks, game layout, and rules.

There are also several different side bets available in numerous variations of online blackjack games. These side bets primarily provide a blackjack player with the opportunity to win large payouts which adds an extra element of fun to the game. You get a choice of innovative variants and classic games.


Blackjack RTP and House Edge

You will find the meaning of a house edge when you try to decipher the difference between the payouts and probability in online blackjack games. The calculation of casino games is done in such a manner that the casino house eventually gets a small advantage.

The Return to Player (RTP) is another way of expressing the concept as it applies to casinos. Whereas the RTP expresses the percentage of the bet amount that eventually gets back to the player, house edge expresses the percentage of the money that goes to the casino.

House by Casino Games

Generally, blackjack casino has a very low house edge. This implies that it provides ideal odds for players to win bigger. The house edge of blackjack casinos varies from one game to another. The lower the house edge, the higher the odds of a player having a massive win.

Scratch cards have a house edge of between 4% and 6%. Dream catcher, on the other hand, has a house edge of between 4.66% and 9.19%. Other online blackjack games such as Caribbean stud, Red Dog Poker, and Three Card Poker have house edges of 2.56-5.22%, 2.34-2.67%, and 3.37-7.28% respectively.

Online Blackjack Payouts

Once you have completed your turn, it is the turn of the dealer to play. Upon the dealer completing their turn, too, all the hands are automatically compared to those of the dealer. A payout is awarded in ratio 1:1 if you beat the dealer with a higher total.

In the aforementioned case, if a player wagers $20, they will win $20, and the initial stake of $20 is also returned. the payout is made in the ratio 3:2 if you hit a blackjack. This implies that if you ager $20, you win another $30.

Blackjack Possibilities and Odds

A blackjack odd is defined as the percentage representing the probability that a player will win or lose a particular game. It is mathematically calculated and it primarily gives a punter a clearer understanding of the possibility of them winning the game they play.

The blackjack basic strategy basically roots in the various odds that give insight into how advantageous a given situation might be. Usually, the possibility of a player being dealt a natural blackjack stands at 4.83%. The odds of the dealer busting increase as the value of the dealer's upcard decreases.